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 On Saturday, April 25, 2009  

Writers Share - Get Paid To CommentWriters Share seems to be a reasonably new and quite mysterious website that pays people '1 for every comment that they leave on their website. The site contains various different categories, all of which have their own subcategories and topics. Every time someone leaves a comment on any of the topics listed on the site, they will get paid '1 (as long as the comment gets published).

What Is Writers Share And How Does It Work?
The Writers Share site does seem to be quite strange as it doesn't really explain what it does with the comments that the users leave, and it doesn't really explain why they are able to pay people to comment on the site. Another quite strange but also encouraging feature is that you don't actually have to register or sign up to leave comments, which can save a lot of time.

Making Money From The Writers Share Website
The website is really simple to use, and it is very straightforward to start making money from Writers Share. Simply go to the website, find a topic that you wish to comment on, for example one of the current topics is 'What's the best way to use credit cards?', and then leave your comment along with your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail saying thank you for your comment (as long as your comment is accepted) and then you will receive a '1 payment by Paypal the next Friday (payments are made every Friday).

For every comment that you leave, Writers Share will also donate 25p to charity. So you will be receiving '1 and a charity will be receiving 25p Obviously the more comments that you leave, the more money you can expect to earn. Once you have made 500 comments you will receive an instant '50 bonus. After you have written 50 comments your payment rate increases to '1.50 per comment.

How Much Money Can I Earn From Commenting On The Site?
The Writers Share website states that good writers can earn '10 an hour and even more from commenting on their website. This is a very attainable target, as you will only have to write 10 comments an hour even at the lower payment rate of '1 per comment. Once you have done 50 comments you will only need to write about 7 comments an hour, which will be just over '10 an hour which is an excellent rate of pay.

The website also states that if you are a financial guru or a talented writer you could earn even more than '1 or '1.50 per comment. Simply get in touch with the Writers Share website and they will sort out some kind of deal with you - so you could actually be earning a lot more than '1.50 per comment, depending on the quality of your writing. The Writers Share site also states that you might be able to write custom articles on their behalf, and get paid accordingly for doing so. Therefore if you are a skilled writer you could stand to make a lot of money from the Writers Share website.

Requirements For Leaving Comments On The Site
The comments that you leave on Writers Share will need to be your own personal opinions, and will need to be original content. You can't simply copy and paste from other sources on the Internet, not only will this be violating copyright laws but the Writers Share website won't accept the comments and you won't get paid. The Writers Share site recommends that articles are short and sweet - around 150 words is perfect, no more than around 3 paragraphs. So you could be earning around '1.50 per 150 words written - a rate of 1p per word, which is a very lucrative amount, especially on the Internet. The Writers Share website also has resources and other things to help its users when it comes to writing comments. So within just a few minutes you could be earning large amounts of money simply be leaving comments on topics which already interest you - which can't be a bad thing!

The only real negative side to the Writers Share website is that there doesn't always seem to be many topics to comment on, although this could be due to the fact that the website is still reasonably new, and they are still working things out. New opportunities to post comments on topics do pop up now and then, but you have to be quick because there are plenty of other people who are willing to comment too. When a topic gets a certain amount of comments it will become closed, and no-one else will be able to comment on it, which can be annoying. However Writers Share is still a new site and there should be plenty of chances for writers to get paid to comment in the future. Soure : Paid2Review.co.uk
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