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 On Saturday, May 02, 2009  

SnapBombIf you're an advertiser looking to generate buzz on your product, increase traffic, or a blogger looking to review new products or services for your readers and make money online, then SnapBomb is one of the best sources you can go to.

For Advertisers

SnapBomb is can help you create buzz on your company, events, web site, products or services all over millions of blogs. Supported with its powerful features, it is easier to increase your content's visibility and valuable backlinks to your site. By allowing bloggers to have full editorial control what they write, you can expect an excellent feedback on your products and services and learn from your customers all while creating buzz and driving more people to your website. SnapBomb is simple to use and allows you to target specific types of customers getting more value out of your advertising budget.

These are the points of what advertisers can do with SnapBomb:
  • Creating buzz and promoting company, events, web site, products or services on millions of blogs.
  • Giving increased visibility and valuable backlinks to their site.
  • Getting feedback on products and services.
  • Targetting specific types of customers to get more value from their advertising dollar.
  • Results in improving business revenue.
And to give out the best to you advertisers, SnapBomb provides you a free feature called "Buzz Analytics". Snapbomb's Buzz Analytics will give you insight into your buzz activity across the entire Internet. How good is your buzz? How do you stack up against your competitors? Once again, "Buzz Analytics" is free of charge!

For Bloggers

You are a blogger and you want to present miscellaneous information to your readers. Where do you usually look? If you're running out of sources, you can find a lot at SnapBomb. They provide full list of advertisers looking to generate buzz, increasing visibility, promoting their products and services as well as getting their products/services reviewed. This means, you'll get paid to help them provide what they need.

Interested? In order to choose the products/services to review, you need to create an account and add a blog. And then SnapBomb will automatically value your blog based on popularity, expertise in a field, audience size and reach. To provide an accurate measurement of your blog to advertisers, the database is updated on a daily basis. Oh, and if you're asking about PR requirement, there is none! Yes, even a PR 0 blog can register.

Afterwards, go look for the products or services. You'll be given 12 hours to complete the review and have it posted. They will then review and provide you with feedback and a rating to get you started.

SnapBomb grants full editorial control for bloggers to their own opinions about the product/services they review as long as it pertains to the the advertiser's topic and campaign description.

Payments are made on the 1st and the 16th of each month through paypal or check and there's a minimum $25 limit in order to cashout. However, it is done on a Net 60 basis to get your hands on the money (about 2 months before you can touch them).
Generate buzz or make money with SnapBomb 4.5 5 Beni Sunandar Saturday, May 02, 2009 If you're an advertiser looking to generate buzz on your product, increase traffic, or a blogger looking to review new products or servi...

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